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HT-3000 Series

The HT-3000 features an industry standard 62 mm mounting, while providing a higher maximum current capability and a form-fitting SiC- optimized companion gate driver with an integrated power supply. As with previous generations, the HT-3000 module series also boasts a high maximum case temperature capability, low parasitic design for ultra-high speed switching, and a novel design scheme tailored to utilize a variety of SiC device configurations, dependent upon the specifications and demands of the end application. Our power modules are a core building-block for power electronics systems, including: motor drives, electric vehicle chargers, energy storage and grid-tie systems, and wind/solar array power converters.

Part No.Power TopologyDevice TypeVoltage (V)RDSon (mΩ)Reference TransistorPer SwitchReference DiodePer Switch
HT-3201-R Half-Bridge with RTDMOSFET12003.6CPM2-1200-0025B7CPW5-1200-Z050B6
HT-3220-R Common SourceMOSFET12002.5CPM2-1200-0025B10CPW5-1200-Z050B2
HT-3231-R Half-BridgeMOSFET17008CPM2-1700-0040B6CPW5-1700-Z050B2
CAS325M12HM2 (HT-3201) Half-BridgeMOSFET12003.6CPM2-1200-0025B7CPW5-1200-Z050B6

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