HT-2000 Series

The HT-2000 series is optimized for high performance commercial, industrial, and military systems, such as hybrid electric vehicles or renewable energy applications. Combining a wide range of ultra-low parasitic, high speed, and high temperature patented module technologies, the HT-2000 enables high speed, energy efficiency, and power density performance weighing in at less than 150 grams. This power module series provides reliable housing operation to 225 °C, and can be purchased in either half-bridge or full-bridge topologies. Device configuration is customizable upon request, depending on the operating conditions of the end user.

Top View of HT-2000 series module
Part No.Power TopologyDevice TypeVoltage (V)RDSon (mΩ)Reference TransistorPer SwitchReference DiodePer Switch
HT-2201 Half-BridgeMOSFET120013.5CPMF-1200-S080B6CPW4-1200-S020B6
HT-2201-A Half-BridgeMOSFET120013.5CPM2-1200-0080B6CPW4-1200-S020B6
HT-2202 Half-BridgeMOSFET12008CPM2-1200-0080B10  

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