SiC Optimized Gate Drivers

Since gate drivers for high power SiC MOSFETs must be capable of accommodating fast switching speeds and output current to ensure proper device control, our product line is specifically designed and tuned for optimal SiC performance. The gate driver product line is designed to enable high output current, in excess of 12 A, with very fast – less than 100 ns – switching speeds and standard protections, such as Desaturation, Overvoltage, and Desaturation. Since system-level optimization is key, the product line is designed to fit the form factor of the module itself and power bussing / capacitor selection is available upon request. Higher temperature gate driver solutions, from 150 °C to 230 °C, are available on a custom basis.

Top View of GD series gate driver
Part No.Switching FrequencyCurrentChannelsTemperature
CGD15HB62LP (ITGD2-3001) 90kHz with 3W Version, 200kHz with 6W Version ±15A 2 85 °C
ITGD1-0101 500 kHz ±14A 1 85 °C
ITGD2-2001 200 kHz ±15A 2 85 °C
MTGD2-2001 500 kHz ±15A 2 150 °C
MTGD2-3001 >100 kHz ±30A 2 150 °C

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