HT-1000 Series

The HT-1000 series has been specifically designed for high reliability applications that require hermetic operation. This power module line implements advanced hermetic pin sealing materials and processes that enable reliable housing operation to 250 °C, with a 400 °C package available upon request. The HT-1000 series can be purchased in half-bridge, full-bridge, or three-phase topologies, which all employ electrically-isolated backsides for easy mounting to thermal management systems. Device configuration is customizable upon request, depending on the operating conditions of the end user.

Top View of hT-1000 series module
Part No.Power TopologyDevice TypeVoltage (V)RDSon (mΩ)Reference TransistorPer SwitchReference DiodePer Switch
HT-1201 Full BridgeDMOSFET120027CPMF-1200-S080B3CPW4-1200-S020B3
HT-1211 3-PhaseDMOSFET120040CPMF-1200-S080B2CPW4-1200-S020B2

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