HT-0100 Series

The HT-0100 series is a hermetically sealed metal-ceramic line, offering high temperature case temperatures up to 225 °C, which significantly outperforms plastic packaged devices in both temperature and reliability. The HT-0100 series offers SiC MOSFETs, or diodes in a TO-254 footprint, with an electrically-isolated backsides for easy mounting to thermal management systems.

Top View of HT-0100 series module
Part No.Device TypeVoltage (V)Current (A)Package SizeReference Device
HT-0121 MOSFET120050TO-254CPMF-1200-S080B
HT-0121-A MOSFET120026TO-254CPM2-1200-0080B
HT-0121-A-Z MOSFET + Schottky Diode120020TO-254CPW2-1200-0080B / CPW4-1200-S020B
HT-0122 Schottky Diode120020TO-254CPW4-1200-S020B
HT-0123 Schottky Diode120050TO-254CPW2-1200-S050
HT-0124 Schottky Diode120010TO-254CPW4-1200-S010B
HT-0125 Double Schottky Diode120020TO-254CPW4-1200-S010B

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