• Custom Solutions for Extreme Conditions

Wolfspeed’s Fayetteville Arkansas campus, formerly APEI, specializes in developing, marketing, and manufacturing high power density and high efficiency power electronic solutions and products. Our mission is to lead the innovation and commercialization of SiC and GaN, liberating designers to invent power and wireless systems for a responsible, energy efficient future. Within our high performance product line and associated solutions, we utilize a wide range of high performance devices, materials, and technologies from around the globe. While there is a great deal of complexity and intellectual property in our designs and our solutions, our vision and what we make possible for our customers is simple: Powering More. Consuming Less.

Our parent company, Cree, Inc., has spent 30 years establishing a global brand known for innovation, financial strength, and reliable materials sourcing, staffed by the most forward-looking thinkers and doers in any scientific enterprise.

Wolfspeed was born ready, and we’re outpacing the competition in every meaningful performance and cost-benefit parameter to provide RF and Power devices to any industry that needs the fastest, smallest, lightest and most efficient semiconductor products available – which is all of them. The Fayetteville campus of Wolfspeed focuses on the creation of wide bandgap–optimized product and system development, in addition to domestic manufacturing of its high performance power product lines. For nearly 20 years, we’ve worked to develop products that will ensure that you reap all of the benefits of wide bandgap semiconductors. Now, all you have to do is give them a try.

Wolfspeed focuses on four primary markets: Transportation, Energy, Industrial, and Communications. Our campus develops high performance products and solutions to address a wide range of applications, systems, platforms, and needs within this market space, including:

  • Custom Power Modules, Power Discretes, and Power Packages
  • High Performance Motor Drives & Power Supplies for Military, Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial, and Transportation
  • Downhole and Energy Exploration Electronics
  • High Efficiency Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems
  • Radar and Communications Power Electronics
  • High Voltage Switchgear and Converters
  • Wireless, RF, and Telemetry Systems
  • Extreme Ambient Environment Operation: High Temperature, Cryogenic Temperature, Radiation. High Shock and Vibration
  • Domestic Commercial ISO9001 and Aerospace 9100 Certified Manufacturing